About Yay Delicious Coasters

I started designing coasters for myself, so the sets reflect things I love: dogs, cats, wine, coffee, etc. Turns out they make great gifts, and I've been so grateful for the encouragement from my customers. Whether it's your Monday-morning coffee, happy-hour cocktail, or evening chamomile tea, I hope they add some fun to your life!

Yay Delicious coasters are designed in Alexandria, VA in my studio, manufactured in North America, and sets are assembled personally by yours truly. Materials I like are cork (eco-friendly with a natural look), foam (bendable and fun), and coasterboard (a paper or wood-pulp material formulated especially for coasters), all of which are lightweight and reusable.

See the current line of coasters here.


Where to Buy?

Yay Delicious coasters are available for retail on Etsy, and select sets on Amazon. If you're interested in becoming a wholesaler and offering Yay Delicious coasters in your store, please contact Andrea (that's me) at yaydelicious@gmail.com.